Hi there ☺

My name is Thora Jóna Dagbjartsdóttir, born and raised in Iceland.
Im an artist, so basicly Im being my self for a living ☺
Some people write columns in newspapers and blogs or comment on Facebook to get their views on life out there. My way of expressing my self and my views on life is by painting.
Being a artist can be both difficult and unappreciated in society, but many of us chose this road less travelled because to turn our backs on creating art would be a betrayal to our soul. So we chose to meet the challenges head on because denying this passion is simply not an option.
My passion is to paint the humorous side of live, sometimes with a kitschy theme about gender discrimination or political absurditys, perhaps to satisfying my need to reflect on my daily existence living in the midst of the contentious grazy political arena in Iceland. I have been injecting a healthy dose of humor in my work, trying to break down the barriers between formality and familiarity leaving only truth and humor on the canavas.

I may never fully know if my work has made a difference in anyones life, but I know that if I manage to get a smirk on your face, then my jobe is done ☺

  • Þóra Jóna
    Þóra Jóna Dagbjartsdóttir