"Adalheidur Karlsdotttir (b. 1957 in Reykjavík) is an experienced business woman in various fields. Starting her carrier over 30 years ago as a mathematics teacher in the Commercial College of Iceland and setting up her own business in retail and import, moving into real estate and investments. She is a State Authorized Real Estate Agent and with an education in international business and leadership from the IESE University in Barcelona, Spain. She started taking art lessons over 40 years ago, and has explored various fields of art before choosing jewelry design as her main focus.

Adalheidur loves to work with energy stones and crystals such as Amethyst, Rose Quartz, Sodalite and more and has studied their power and energy. She works with different materials and has a good sense for colors and combinations. She loves to explore nature and listen to music, and the effects can be seen in her work.

Adalheidur is a world traveler and on her trips to different parts of the world she looks up places where she can find interesting pieces for her jewelry designing, thus giving interesting and often unique results. She regularly visits antique markets often finding rare things for her work. Every piece is hand made by herself, and there will never be two exactly the same. Her jewelry is not only to wear, but also to have next to you, on your desk, under your pillow or at other places where you want the energy power to heal or protect you.

Adalheidur has actively participated in different projects for empowering women through business. She is a founder partner and board member of Naskar, a women only investment group, a former board member of FKA, Women Business Leaders in Iceland, and former Vice Commissioner for Europe of the FCEM, the International Association of Women Entrepreneurs. At present she is devoting more and more time for her art, as she finds it the perfect way to relax and meditate.

A mother of two, and with two grandchildren, Adalheidur lives in Reykjavík but with a second home in Spain for almost 15 years."

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